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We did not live long, I did not bring my salary home, not even the gold presented for the hostage wedding. After a year of service at the regional center (until then I was divorced) I transferred to the regional center.

According to him, it is extremely difficult to technically stop the spread of advertising, and the pirated networks themselves. After a while I got married, but before the wedding, caught up in the passion of gambling, I stole my father the money set aside for marriage. Parents began to realize that something was wrong and big scandals started at home..

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We carefully select and verify our real money before posting it on our website. All winnings are credited to the customer’s gaming account and once there is an amount above the minimum withdrawal limit, the recipient has the option to collect using the same method used to make the deposit. Despite the fact that I am a fan of all kinds of shows, luxury institutions and various games, I do not like smoky casino halls, rude tourists and obscure staff on each server..

The issue of advertising distribution needs to be addressed separately. According to Dmitry Tyunkin, Deputy Chief of DW of Group-IB Group I’s Innovative Protection of Trademark and Intellectual Property Department, collaboration between online casinos and pirated cinemas is important. “Online casinos earn mainly by showing ads for online casinos and illegal shoppers (in 2017, according to the IB Anti-Piracy Group, pirates’ revenue was about $ 85 million. – Ed.),” Says Tyunkin…

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Even there everything went on, the salaries were in the slot machines; I was constantly borrowing from who I could, problems in service began, and, in the end, I was forced to resign from the Armed Forces. I was assigned to serve at the regional center, where the military unit was stationed at the time. But the most interesting thing is that I could not go back, as the money for the trip was in the vending machines. I found a classmate and borrowed money from him for the trip, but I did not get to the station.

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